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Purchase instructions for the AcademyQ-2019 Set

Introducing the OTO Central app and AcademyQ Knowledge Assessment!

Enhance your knowledge of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery with over 1,500 study questions to test your recall, interpretation, and problem-solving skills. You will read and analyze otolaryngology-specific questions developed by otolaryngology experts. Each module includes thorough rationales for each question, additional reading references, and appropriate images and videos to enhance the learning experience. You can highlight, take notes, and mark questions for future reference.

AcademyQ is available now in the OTO Central app.

What’s New

  • AcademyQ-2019 Set, released February 2019! 400+ new questions developed by Foundation Education experts are now available
  • CME credit is available with AcademyQ-2017, 2018, and 2019 Sets for each of the individual specialty modules
  • Bundled within the new OTO Central app, your single mobile home for all your Academy resources


  • Case-based questions with rationales developed by nationally recognized experts provide thorough explanations for correct and incorrect answers, as well as linked references, helpful for general review.
  • Handy app features include answer tracking, note taking, voice annotating, and reference links.
  • Quickly find topics of interest with multiple search index options, including searching by key word, subject taxonomies, and a smart full-text search.
  • Zoom in on images and figures, view them in portrait or landscape mode, and mark as favorites the images and figures you need to reference again. On the iPad®, there also is enhanced figure viewing with double-sized (2x) screen capacity.
  • Study on the go; no connectivity is needed to instantly access AcademyQ questions and answers once they are purchased.
  • Access the app via the web version.

Outcome Objectives

The participant who has successfully completed this activity should be able to:

  • Identify key knowledge deficits within the specialty of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery
  • Examine current scope of knowledge and comprehension of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery

Demonstrate improved knowledge of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery through certification and performance improvement activities

Purchase Instructions for AcademyQ

Purchases are made through the AcademyU Catalog store and NOT sold thru the new OTO Central App.

Go to AcademyU and follow these simple instructions:

  • Sign In: If you don’t know your ID and Password, contact Member Services at or call 703-836-4444
  • If you do not have an ID and Password, click here to Create an Account
  • Once logged-in, click the AU Catalog tab, and click on “AcademyQ Knowledge Assessment (aQ) ” under Activity Series on left search bar
  • There are three purchase options: AcademyQ-2019 Set, AcademyQ-2018 Set, and AcademyQ-2017 Set.
  • Pricing for each set (including CME credit) is as follows: 
    • Nonmember: $85.00
    • Member: $65.00
    • Resident Member: $50.00
  • Select the products you wish to purchase and proceed to check-out

Then sign in with same Academy ID into the new OTO Central App to access your purchased sets.

Note for purchasers on the old AcademyQ App.

If you are a purchaser of the old AcademyQ Knowledge Assessment App, you can transfer Question Sets 1 and 2 to the new App by following these instructions:

  • Update your old AcademyQ App to the latest version (3.1) and restore your past purchases in Settings if this is a fresh install and you don’t see your Sets unlocked already.
  • When you open the updated version of the original AcademyQ App you will be prompted to sign in with your Academy ID and Password in order to identify yourself and transfer your purchases to your account.
  • You can also download the new OTO Central app directly from the"Get the App" link. In the OTO Central App, you will again sign in with your Academy ID and your previously purchased question sets will then be available in the new AcademyQ module.