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Young Physicians Section

The Section for Young Physicians is composed of young professionals who are under 40 within eight years of finishing their residency training program.

Read more about the Section for Young Physicians.

Education Steering Committee

Sonya Malekzadeh, MD - Chair
Brendan C. Stack, Jr., MD - Core Otolaryngology & Practice Management Education Committee
J. Randall Jordan, MD - Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Education Committee
Karen T. Pitman, MD - General Otolaryngology Education Committee
Richard V. Smith, MD - Head and Neck Surgery Education Committee
Catherine Rees Lintzenich, MD - Laryngology & Bronchoesophagology Education Committee
Bradley W. Kesser, MD - Otology & Neurotology Education Committee
Kenny Chan, MD - Pediatric Otolaryngology Education Committee
Brent A. Senior, MD - Rhinology & Allergy Education Committee

New eBooks Coming Soon

- Geriatric Care Otolaryngology, Second Edition
- TNM Staging of Head and Neck Cancer Dissection Classification, Fourth Edition

2014 Online Lecture Series Now Available

New courses available through AcademyU. Click here for a full listing.