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Industry Round Table


Reach Your Target Audience
The American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) believes in forming collaborative relationships with industry so each of us can appropriately leverage the important work of the other. By working together, we can better serve and communicate with the otolaryngology specialty, its practitioners, and patients. To further these shared goals and to recognize industry’s vital role in the specialty, the AAO-HNS launched the Industry Round Table (IRT) program in 2009.

Elevate Your Leadership
The IRT program offers companies that support the AAO-HNS/F mission an unprecedented package of benefits and opportunities that enable maximum specialty exposure and interaction. By participating in the IRT program, you are able to leverage the world’s largest otolaryngology membership, the largest annual meeting for the specialty, and a world-renowned otolaryngology scientific journal, all to your company’s advantage. AAO-HNS works jointly with IRT partners to promote the partnership through a year-round marketing and advertising platform.

CLICK HERE for a current list of IRT supporters

For more information on any of our corporate opportunities, please contact:
David Buckner
Manager, Corporate Relations
Phone: 1-703-535-3718