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Annual Election

2015 AAO-HNS Election Results

The AAO-HNS extends its greatest appreciation to the candidates of the 2015 Election for their dedication and willingness to serve the organization. The Nominating Committee presented the membership with an outstanding slate of candidates from which to choose. The AAO-HNS thanks the committee for their meaningful deliberation of nominees. Members of the committee are: Drs. Richard Waguespack (Chair), Ellen Deutsch, Stacey Ishman, Albert Merati, Brian Moore, Brian Nussenbaum, Shannon Pryor, Lawrence Simon, Wendy Stern, and Ken Yanagisawa. Drs. James Denneny and Susan McCammon serve as ex-officio members of the committee without vote. 

The results of the 2015 AAO-HNS Election are:


Gregory W. Randolph, MD

Director at Large (Academic)

Timothy L. Smith, MD, MPH

Director at Large (Private Practice)

Seth R. Schwartz, MD, MPH

Nominating Committee (Academic)

Bradley W. Kesser, MD

Spencer C. Payne, MD

Nominating Committee (Private Practice)

Susan R. Cordes, MD

Joseph C. Sniezek, MD

Audit Committee (Unopposed)

Steven W. Cheung, MD, MBA

Approved: The proposed amendment to these Bylaws is the addition of a Standing Committee of the Board to be included as: Section 6.06. EVP Performance Evaluation and Compensation Committee


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 Jerome W. Thompson, MD, MBA